Rabbi Fern Feldman

Lifecycle Events


Rabbi Fern facilitates babynamings and brit milah (circumcision ceremonies), creating joyous celebrations to welcome babies and children into Jewish life.

Bat and Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Fern has many years experience in teaching b’nei mitzvah students, individually and in groups, as well as administering synagogue b’nei mitzvah programs, officiating at b’nei mitzvah, and training teenagers and adults as b’nei mitzvah tutors. She also works with adult b’nei mitzvah students. She is available in person, and by phone or skype, to teach Torah and haftorah trope, service leading skills, as well as guiding students through encountering the prayerbook and making prayer meaningful, as well as the process of wrestling with Torah texts, and writing their own divrei Torah (Torah talks). She is also available to guide families in making the process meaningful, and, for those who are not affiliated with a synagogue, to craft and lead the service with you.

Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Rabbi Fern meets with wedding couples to help develop a service that is both powerful and inclusive, that deepens the bond between the members of the couple, and that allows the community present to be true witnesses to the process. She is happy to marry people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.


Rabbi Fern guides people through the process of discerning the nature of their relationship with Judaism, and teaches those who are interested in learning more. For those seeking conversion, she is available to teach and facilitate the conversion process, and convene a bet din (rabbinic court) for the conversion itself.

Death and Mourning

Rabbi Fern guides loved ones through burials, funerals, memorials, unveilings and the mourning process. In addition to rabbinic experience, she also brings many years experience as a health care provider working in hospices.

Gender Transitioning, Entering Adulthood, Healing, Croning, and other creative rituals

With many years experience in crafting ritual, Rabbi Fern helps to create ceremonies for whatever life milestones and transformations you are seeking to make sacred.